Where Can You Host Your App?

Who’s the best web hosting provider for your app? The sector is characterized by cutthroat competition, and almost every provider is offering generous plans in an effort to win over long-term customers. This article will help guide newbies to the best services.

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GitHub pages can host front-end project code. Hosting is 100% free, and a GitHub pages sub-domain is also available (mysite.github.io). It is hosted over HTTPS. On the downside, there isn’t much flexibility.

GitHub does work quite well given that it’s a very basic website without any build system and with an index.html file as the basis of the project. There aren’t many image/JS/CSS resources either.

Bigger projects frequently have more complicated directory layouts, such as a node_modules directory containing external dependencies, a pre-built src directory containing the source code modules, and a separate public directory with built website files. It can be hard to configure these projects to work with GitHub Pages correctly because they are configured to work from the repository root.

Cloud Storage Services     


Cloud storage services like Google Cloud Storage, AWS S3, and Microsoft Azure Storage are great for static website hosting. They’re very cheap, very reliable, and very fast. Corporations often use these products to archive massive media and data collections, but you can also host an app or website on them for a very low price.

Free Cloud Hosting Plans

The three above-mentioned services are competing fiercely as popular options for server-based apps. These services have such a vast amount of capital and infrastructure available that they have no problem giving computing power away to win over long-term customers for their platforms.

For example, AWS allows users to run one small compute instance (t2-micro) monthly for free. Google Cloud Platform offers very similar free-tier limits. The provider gives everyone who joins $300 worth of credit and allows users to run an f1 microserver for free for an indefinite period of time along with a number of other free-tier usage limits.


Firebase is an excellent choice for app hosting with simple, easy to fulfill backend requirements. This is a major player in Google’s backend-as-a-service area. The provider offers a series of backend services, such as user authentication, database storage, in-depth analytics and monitoring, and client-side SDKs.

Firebase offers an unlimited-term free plan. However, some of the features come with usage limits.

Try Greengeeks

Greengeeks was founded in 2008. Today, this web hosting provider hosts over 300,000 websites. They boast 99.9% uptime and 100% customer satisfaction. The company has data centers in the U.S., Canada, and Amsterdam.

The speed of GreenGeeks’ page load is higher than the average for the industry according to reviewers who claim to have spent almost a year testing the company’s services. More specifically, the speed is 530ms compared to 890ms (the average for the competition), making it around 50% higher.

And what about customer support? It’s quick and professional.

Hosting your App – Last Words

Thank you for reading our article. We hope you found it helpful. As you can see, there are many options to choose from. Good luck with app hosting!